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Jeff “Anime is for jerks” Gerstmann shares his favorite animes!

ArtistJeff "Anime is for Jerks" Gerstmann
TitleJeff Shares His Favorite Anime!
AlbumGiant Bombcast, 09/30/14

actuallyplagueknight asked: why are u such a weebadoo nerd

I’m hella cool, man


they literally grow big every single time
they get giant, you get the megazord, you fight, they blow up, super mega win
this happens every week


they literally grow big every single time

they get giant, you get the megazord, you fight, they blow up, super mega win

this happens every week

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TMI tuesday



Ask me anything

literally anything

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tumblr in october 


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I love the dreamcast though. It had so many weird, awesome games.

I really don’t like Shenmue though.

I love the 64, but everything you brought up is true. The console isn’t bad, but heck I have fonder memories with the dreamcast, and that one flopped pretty bad. Software is what makes a console, and the N64 did limit that, that is 100% true.

One counter-argument I hear about this is that the N64 stuck with carts to avoid piracy, as CD burners were quick to catch on. Nintendo used carts, and stuck around. Dreamcast used CDs, and piracy destroyed the Dreamcast, and Sega’s hardware line. This is an okay argument, but it falls apart to me because the PS1 used CDs and here we are.


kamen-rider-skull asked: Why do you hate the N64 so much?

I wouldn’t say I hate it, but there’s not a lot about I like. Basically every aspect of the console felt like a misstep. First of all, the choice to stick to cartridges was one of Nintendo’s biggest follies. Some reasons for this.

Carts were expensive to produce. As someone who has taken plenty of NES, SNES and N64 carts apart, I can tell they spared no expense on N64 carts, either. The cost of producing the carts caused a lot of third parties to jump ship to the Playstation, which, in turn, caused the N64 library to suffer. Nintendo still has third party problems, almost 20 years later.

The carts were also extremely limited in the tech department. The capacities were borderline laughable, so the audio/music department suffered. Sure, some N64 games had memorable music but it was never to the quality it should have been. Not to mention, some Playstation games had full voice acting.

Now I know it’s not really fair to compare the N64 to PS like that, but seeing how Nintendo actually had some CD-based prototypes for SNES add-ons, they knew the future was in optical media. They were just stubborn.

Another reason I’m not a big fan of the N64 is the controller. The stick always felt super flimsy, there was only one of them, and the D-pad and L buttons were never accessible. The second stick would have made camera control in 3D games much more fluid. Yes, I know the C buttons were for camera control but in my experience they were mostly used as more face buttons. Again, it felt like a misstep.

My biggest complaint, however, is the one that just makes me shake my head in disappointment. I brought it up earlier, but the library was just super disappointing. The Super Nintendo (which, if you couldn’t tell, is my favourite console of all time) had an amazing library of games, It had the quantity, with 793 games being released in North America (I think that’s the number. I’m going from memory. Please be impressed if it’s right.) Now, I’m not saying all of those games were winners, but a large portion of them were. I could sit here and list significantly high quality games until I’m blue in the face. Not to mention, most (sorry, Star Fox) of these games easily hold up today.

With Nintendo 64, I think I could name maybe a dozen games that are worth going back and playing. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good dozen. The easy ones are Pokemon Snap, Paper Mario, F-Zero X, Super Mario 64 and both Zeldas. After that, though, I’d have to really sit and think about what other N64 games are must-plays. A lot of people have nostalgia for games like Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye, but under the slightest scrutiny these games don’t hold up at all, and honestly weren’t very good to begin with.

The N64, to me, is the embodiment of Nintendo’s stubbornness. The era of the mid 90’s was a very transformative time for video games, as everything changed to 3D and disc-based games. However, looking back, the N64 felt like Nintendo was perfectly fine where it was and didn’t want to budge.

Before anyone tells me I hate Nintendo, let me say this: I still think Nintendo is the most important video game company of all time, I love most of their products and will continue to support them. I’ve always been a Nintendo kid, through thick and thin. I also tend to think realistically, and realistically, the N64 was just not the step (or even series of steps) Nintendo should have made at the time.

oh man I love the beatles

oh man I love the beatles

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Fun fact about me: I’m an open book. If you ask me literally anything I’ll most likely answer it. 


jokerxtreme36 asked: favortie side character in toku?

What do you mean by “side character”? If you’d count it, probably Jin from Dairanger.


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